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Practice free skills tests online (quantitative aptitude, verbal ability, logical reasoning, data interpretation...) and check for yourself the aptitudes you have to solve this type of tests. Choose any of the categories below to start your free aptitude test preparation.

Aptitude test

The best way to increase personal skills and abilities is to perform psychometric aptitude tests of different subjects. In this section you can practice numerical, verbal, abstract, administrative and diagrammatic reasoning tests:

  • Numerical logic (number series, numerical agility, mathematics, mathematical calculation).
  • Abstract reasoning (analogies, figure series, spatial visualization).
  • Administrative reasoning (data interpretation, proofreading, skill and data assessment).
  • Numerical aptitude (numerical reasoning, numerical successions, mathematical knowledge).
  • Verbal aptitude (synonyms, antonyms, vocabulary, spelling and grammar, verbal logic, verbal comprehension).

To practice aptitude tests you must select the topics you want to ask questions about. The system will be responsible for showing you 50 questions from among the topics you have chosen, being different each time you make one.

Select all of the topics that you want to examine. There are a total of 1583 questions.

Numerical series

Letter series

Alphanumeric series




Spelling & Grammar

Numerical ability

Administrative ability

Domino logic

Spatial aptitude

Group words

Logical reasoning

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